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Leading Home Inspections in Nashville, TN: Your Trusted Inspection Partner!

Soky Inspections LLC is your trusted partner for professional home inspection services in Nashville, TN. As a leading provider of home inspections, we pride ourselves on delivering certified, experienced inspectors who adhere to the highest standards of practice and ethics.

If you're a homebuyer, seller, or property owner, our goal is to provide you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your investment.

Why Choose Soky Inspections in Nashville, TN?

At Soky Inspections, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and professional inspection services to meet the diverse needs of our clients in Nashville, TN. Our range of inspection services strictly adheres to the Home Inspection Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, ensuring thorough evaluations and accurate reporting. Here's why you should choose Soky Inspections for your property inspection needs in Nashville:

Full Home Inspection

A full home inspection is a vital step in home buying, offering an in-depth evaluation of the property's accessible structure, systems, and components. Our certified inspectors provide a non-invasive assessment, empowering you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about your investment in Nashville.

  • Commercial Property Inspection

Our commercial property inspection service offers a thorough and detailed assessment of commercial properties in Nashville. From retail spaces to office buildings, we identify potential issues, safety concerns, and maintenance needs to safeguard your investment and ensure compliance with industry standards.

  • Multi-Unit Inspection

Our specialized multi-unit inspection service is designed to assess the condition and functionality of residential or commercial properties with multiple units in Nashville. Our experienced inspectors meticulously examine each unit and common area to provide comprehensive insights into apartments or condominiums.

  • Condo Inspection

Tailored specifically for condominium owners and buyers in Nashville, our condo inspection service addresses the unique aspects of condo living. We thoroughly assess interior, exterior, and common areas to identify maintenance issues, safety risks, and compliance concerns, providing peace of mind for buyers and owners alike.

  • Mobile Home Inspection

Our mobile home inspection service comprehensively evaluates all aspects of mobile homes in Nashville, ensuring structural integrity, safety, and code compliance. With our experienced team of inspectors, you can rest assured that your mobile home is safe and up to standard.

  • New Construction Inspection

Building a new home in Nashville? Our new construction inspection service ensures your project is executed according to your specifications. From verifying scheduled work to identifying potential issues before project completion, our inspectors play a crucial role in ensuring quality and minimizing future repair costs.

  • Pre-Drywall Inspection

Our pre-drywall inspection service offers a crucial checkpoint during the construction of new homes in Nashville. Examining structural components, electrical wiring, plumbing, and more before drywall installation, we help address issues early on, ensuring a higher quality standard.

  • Infrared Certified

Our infrared-certified home inspections use thermal imaging technology to identify potential problems in your home's structure and insulation in Nashville. This advanced technology provides a complete picture of your home's condition, aiding in informed decision-making about repairs or renovations.

  • Radon Inspection

Our comprehensive home inspection service includes a radon inspection to ensure safety and peace of mind for homeowners in Nashville. We measure radon levels in and around your home, providing a comprehensive report to help you make informed decisions about your home's safety.

  • 1st Time Home Buyer

Our comprehensive home inspection services are tailored for first-time homebuyers in Nashville, offering peace of mind and assurance during stressful home-buying. Our experienced inspectors thoroughly examine potential new homes to ensure informed decision-making.

  • Move-In Certified Inspection

Selling your home in Nashville? Our Move-In Certified® Seller's Inspection alerts you to defects or problems before listing your home, helping you avoid last-minute negotiations and justify your asking price.

  • 11th Month Warranty Inspection

Our specialized 11th-month warranty inspection service is designed for homeowners in Nashville looking to maximize their builder's warranty. By identifying construction defects and concerns before the warranty period ends, we help homeowners save time, money, and stress.

  • Annual Home Inspection

Our annual home maintenance inspection service helps homeowners in Nashville understand and plan for the demands of maintaining their homes properly. Whether you're a new or veteran homeowner, our inspection verifies your home's maintenance and identifies any issues that may have developed.

  • Repair Verification / Follow-Up Inspection

Have you recently had remodeling or repair work done in Nashville? Our repair verification inspection ensures that the work meets quality standards and specifications, providing peace of mind for homeowners.

  • Monster Free Inspection

Moving to a new home in Nashville can be stressful for children, so we offer a Monster-Free Inspection and Certificate. Our inspectors will inspect areas of concern to reassure your child that there aren't any monsters lurking.

  • Sewer Scope Inspection

Our sewer scope inspection service involves sending a camera into the sewer line to check for potential problems in Nashville. Our in-depth assessment ensures that your sewer lines are in good condition, saving you from costly repairs.

At Soky Inspections in Nashville, our certified, licensed, and experienced inspectors are dedicated to providing top-quality service, fast turnaround times, and detailed reports to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our clients. Schedule your inspection today and experience the difference with Soky Inspections.

Certified & Licensed Inspectors

Our team comprises certified and licensed inspectors trained to the highest standards in the industry, serving Nashville and its surrounding areas.

  • Fast Turnaround

We understand the urgency of property transactions in Nashville, providing prompt inspection services with detailed reports to ensure timely decision-making.

  • Detailed Reports

Our reports are comprehensive, detailing findings with clarity and transparency, empowering clients in Nashville to make informed decisions about their properties.



Paprika Popper says

“Jim was professional, identifying issues throughout the house we were buying in Nashville
He made sure that we had the information we needed to make an informed decision
We highly recommend Jim and SOKY Inspections”“I hired SOKY for an inspection. Mr. Freeze was very thorough and professional. I do recommend SOKY.”

Patricia Sundwall says

“I hired SOKY for an inspection. Mr. Freeze was very thorough and professional. I do recommend SOKY.”

Nichole Little says

“Very thorough, professional, and knowledgeable.”


  • What does a home inspector look for during an inspection?

Home inspectors examine various aspects of the property, including the foundation, roof, plumbing, electrical systems, HVAC systems, insulation, walls, windows, doors, and more. They assess for defects, safety hazards, or maintenance issues affecting the home's value or safety.

  • How long does a home inspection take?

The duration of a home inspection can vary depending on the property's size, age, and condition. A typical home inspection takes about 2 to 3 hours to complete. Larger or older homes may take longer to inspect thoroughly.

  • Can a home inspection uncover all potential issues with a property?

While a home inspection is comprehensive, it's important to note that it visually assesses the property's accessible areas. Some issues, such as hidden defects or underlying structural problems, may not be immediately visible during the inspection. However, a skilled inspector can identify the most significant concerns.

  • How much does a home inspection cost?

The cost of a home inspection varies depending on factors such as the size and location of the property, as well as the inspector's experience and expertise. Home inspections in Nashville, TN, range from $300 to $500 on average. However, investing in a thorough inspection is well worth it for the peace of mind it provides.

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